The Importance of Wet Checks in Sprinkler Maintenance

August 17, 2022

An irrigation wet check involves the testing of an in-ground sprinkler system to ensure it’s running correctly. Wet checks also help to maintain the irrigation system.

Each sprinkler head is inspected
The overall system is reviewed to find any leaks and insufficiencies
For example, a yard will be inspected for brown areas, moss, or puddles to pinpoint underwatered or overwatered areas
Wet checks are performed on a set schedule, which varies based on factors like the number of sprinklers
Sprinklers are typically checked yearly, twice a year, four times a year, or monthly
For houses, wet checks are typically done 1-2 times a year
For condos, wet checks are typically done every month
Feel free to contact us at Service Queen if you have any questions regarding scheduling wet checks for your sprinkler system

Wet checks are a crucial part of maintaining your sprinkler system
They help identify issues with your irrigation system before they get worse
This allows you to solve problems with the system, such as fixing or replacing broken parts, before they lead to serious damage
Wet checks save you money in the long run. This is because:
Wet checks extend the lifetime of your irrigation system.
As mentioned, wet checks ensure sprinkler systems run smoothly before a pipe bursts or severe flooding occurs
In this sense, wet checks protect not only your sprinkler system, but also your entire property
Smooth-running sprinklers means less wasted water, and therefore less wasted money
In a large property, a leak could add $500+ to the water bill over the course of a year
Leaks result in uneven watering. Areas of your lawn can flood or dry out, leading to dead grass and even eroded soil, which will cost money to restore
Sprinkler heads that have become misdirected can also lead to issues like puddles, dry patches, and wasted water
Inadequate sprinkler pressure also can lead to water waste and soil erosion

If you have any questions about your sprinkler system or would like to arrange for sprinkler installation, repairs, or wet checks, contact Service Queen at or by phone at (833) 737-8336.

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